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a multiple split neck
Fingerboard away from neck

 Repairs and Restoration

Neck with muiltible splits.

back together and re finished

finished repair,nitro lacquer

fretboard parting company with neck too!

 a 60`s Fender Tele bass painted with black hammerite paint!!

Truss rod rusted almost the whole way through.was pushing out the skunk stripe.

Gibson EB3 bass,pick up cavitys hacked out,and car body filler used to fill gaps.

Holes in the back were filled and veneer applied.

Pick up cavitys filled with old mahogany and re routed to correct size. veneer was added to the body as it was going to be finished in Heritage cherry thats transluscent.

Re finished in Nitro Cherry,new elecs and pick ups

Re finished in nitro,re fretted and slightly distressed.

Gibson sg with cracked neck

Repaired and repainted using amber tint to blend in with existing paint.

Les Paul with a `repaired` headstock.

Reverse showing bolts and two odd machine heads.

chapman guitar.Owner wanted the middle and neck pick ups removed/replace with humbuckers.Also two extra pots with coil taps.

Spector Bass with 'slight' damage to headstock.

Repaired and re painted, set up and is back gigging.

 Ash veneer applied,pores filled with black grain filler and satin laquer

Gibson les paul Custom neck repair.Finished in nitro..

60's Hofner Bass inlay repair and original machine heads fitted. 

after three attempts to repair the broken headstock on this guitar it was brought to my workshop to see if it could be repaired once and for all. 

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