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Since carring out my first repair in 1974 on  a Gibson EB3 with a cracked headstock,Ive worked on 1000`s of guitars. Starting out as a paid hobby and has grown into my full time occupation.I have always had a passion for guitars since I was around nine years old when I started playing guitar myself and have been gigging,playing and looking after guitars since. Although I dont usually take commissions to build instruments,I have built acoustics,resonator,a uke and a few electrics in the past.I have a quick turnover to get your instrument back to you as quickly as possible together with a detailed worksheet so you know just whats been done to your instrument,although repairs requiring painting may take a little longer.All my work is guaranteed! 

I do not repair or service amps. Please click on Sickamps page for information and give them a call,the best!!

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